UK foreign minister quits, he pushed for confidence vote on new PM


Sir Alan Duncan unhappy with Johnson

UK foreign minister Sir Alan Duncan has quit as foreign minister and will push for an emergency vote tomorrow after the new Prime Minister is announced.

It appears that Berkow has turned down the request but he thinks the PM can’t hold a majority in the House of Commons, according to the BBC.

To me this highlights the deep divisions that are going to remain in the Conservative party. The entire leadership for me was a challenge to unite the party, in my view. That effort looks like it will fail before it even begins, in part because Johnson fostered some of those deep divisions by stabbing May’s side in the back repeatedly.

From the BBC:

“Duncan makes plain he has held doubts about Johnson’s character for a long time, but angrily dismisses suggestions idea of holding a vote on a hypothetical Johnson govt before it’s formed was personal – he says it was the way to avoid a much worse crisis in autumn.”


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